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Tom Maierle

As for my final project, I decided to make something that all immigrants have in common, that is getting a job in another country in which they don't speak the language.

Many immigrants have a high level of education and can also speak fluent or basic English but can't get a job in which they do not need a degree, like being a construction worker or a house painter.

I am a student who has immigrated to Finland for a year, due to my studies. At the same time, I want to stay in Finland and get a job. So I applied to more than 30 jobs in graphic design and always got the same answer, which was: "you do not speak the finish language", even though my job only requires me to
make design.

So I've decided to design my version of an application form and in it, it shows, what is needed to get a
job in Finland. The design is meant to look realistic as possible, with all the logos and text boxes. The text in the application form is basic text with underlines that are needed to be filled in and, as well I added random skills that make no sense at all.

At the end of the application form, I made some kind of a plot twist in which, it doesn't matter what skills you have because I've added a symbol at the beginning of the application form and it's meant to mark the important things that have to be filled in.

You can see the symbot at two places. At the beginning and in the end. Most of the things in the application form don't even have the symbol, so they don't matter at all. Until you see the part that asks you if you can speak Finnish and if you can't, then you don't get employed.

So, for my final project, I have decided to make fun of the Finnish employment system, because instead of rejecting a skilled worker for not speaking the language, they should help them. This has the potential to boost the economy, art, medicine... the field in which the worker specialized.

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