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Dennis Renlund


This work is a collection of photographs and videos I've gathered from the beginning of 2021 to the end of April. 

My inspiration for this project is mainly working with analog film and wanting to showcase that in some form, but  stylistically and execution-wise I got inspiration from a music video by one of my favorite musicians, Phil Elverum, and his latest release "Microphones in 2020". 

These months have been both very fulfilling and very hard for me personally, this work showcases and describes some of the moments that have stuck with me and are meaningful to me. 

The idea is that all of our experiences and memories are mountains of different sizes that we climb every time we try something new, and when that journey comes to an end you stand on top of the mountain looking back at everything you've done.

The photographs are all shot on my film camera and the videos are captured by me and my friends. The music and voiceover are both composed and recorded by me.

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